E-Squared Bears is comprised of Shane Elliott and Rob Boger-Elliott.

Shane began his journey in making artisan teddy bears in 2002 as part of the ‘The Bear Guys’ and then as a solo-artist as ‘The Little Bear Guy.’ Shane and Rob met shortly thereafter and that is when Shane began to teach Rob how to make teddy bears. Rob would go on to start making his own creations under the ‘Fuzzy Bottom Bears’ banner.

In 2017, they merged ‘The Little Bear Guy’ and ‘Fuzzy Bottom Bears’ into ‘E-Squared Bears.’ The meaning of ‘E-Squared’ is due to the couple being married in July, 2017 and Rob taking on the Elliott name, hence two of them, squared.

Shane and Rob have been fortunate to have received TOBY awards individually as well as under the E-Squared Bears banner.